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  Go to school in the morning, because of the lack of sleep, tired and fell asleep.

  Wake up, she found herself sitting in a have never seen a car, I looked around, look at the car, and found what button all have no, only a helmet. I wear a helmet curiously, "ah!" This voice scared me, I thought: "the car is started." All of a sudden, I feel the car seems to be rising rapidly, I afraid of close your eyes and feel the heart has been accelerated, head up many cold sweat, the ticking flowing downwards.大佬们都在玩{精选官网网址: www.vip333.Co }值得信任的品牌平台!

  I encourage myself to open my eyes, to look outside of the "wow" the scenery let me incredible, many car are in the air, have a car with wings, flying with attractive car, there are suspected rocket... And the house can be built on other planet!

  The original is "3050" years now, the car is in the in the mind induction control, the car can also be in the water!

  "Jump!" "Ah!" I have a look, and see that she is the car, think: "it is a dream!"






  Sometimes imagine, our future is what look like? I want to: in the future, are cute; The future is beautiful; In the future, is to choose a suitable text book see now crowded roads, spewing of automobile exhaust, I think, choose a suitable text book in the future

  In the future, the future of transportation, will be varied. Go out, everyone can carry four CARDS, blue, white, gray and color.

  Blue, painted with a small fish. As long as with the hand held on to it, three seconds, can become a fish, and want to be what kind of fish, as long as in the "transformation" three seconds speak ten times, you can. Turned into fish, people see the sea, don't use worry, people also don't have to worry about tsunami. As long as with the "fish card", see the water is turned into fish, arrived at dry land, and then back to choose a suitable text book

  White, painted with a bird. As long as gently stroked it, ten seconds, the bird will swished up and fly out, grow up slowly, from the volume of a bird, to the volume of a plane to choose a suitable text book from can sit down, one to two, three, choose a suitable text book until you shout "stop" - just like sun wukong's great magic. At that time, we could sit little "plane", flying in the sky. And the "plane", just can't find it.

  Gray, painted with a bicycle. As long as a press it hard with the hand, bicycle immediately come to your side, Press it again, it will disappear without a trace.

  Colored painted with many toys, skateboards, roller skates, etc. As long as behind you selected to want to play the toy with his nails draw a checkmark, it will appear in your side immediately. And check the number, it is like the end of the bike.

  In the future, it is lovely, the future is beautiful, in the future, is to choose a suitable text book think of the future, I no longer worry about the crowded roads, car tail gas, with the development of science and technology, they will disappear.








  The future of transportation is made in China sea superluminal flying saucer.

  It looks like a big put a semicircle of the cake on the plate. In the front of the flying saucer has three big lamp, disc body with two wings, wings with the decorative pattern of the stars look like. Below the flying saucer had four wheels, behind have a jet device. With a side dish of body surface bright red five-star red flag, red flag has written "made in China" in English.

  Land, sea and air superluminal flying saucer can run on land, can also dive into the bottom of the sea, fly into space. Its speed faster than light, want to go, can to the moment. It dont have to go, just have to do is to absorb the suns energy.

  Its inside has three layers, the bottom layer is a kitchen and a place to store, the second layer is bedroom and bathroom, the third layer is the flight operation room, living room and entertainment places. Characteristics in the most is the third layer, its appearance is a huge transparent glass. Can watch the scenery outside during the day, at night, it is with absorption of sunlight energy during the day, the living room and as bright as by day.

  This is the future of superluminal flying saucer land, sea and air transport, it can make our traffic more convenient, better and more comfortable and more beautiful life!






  Talking about the future, for it, I am full of curiosity, also for the future of transportation is full of fantasy.

  The future of transportation materials in my heart a soft, comfortable, function is complete. You see, before its a touch screen, as long as you input your destination, it can automatically open to, dont need a man to drive. When you sit in the car, it can accompany you to chat, play qq games, listening to music, telling stories, playing fishing enthusiasts. When driving on the road, if the roads are blocked, it will start the flight mode, first grow propeller on the roof, then the door into the wings, the tire retract, can soar like an eagle in the sky. When you came to the lake to look at the beautiful scenery in the lake, you dont have to be in the ship, you can press the start water model, the tire will get car, chassis will open the bag, the car will be like a horse horse made of steel, in the water. At that time, you can enjoy the scenery of the lake.

  Ah! How I want the future traffic into reality, so I must study hard and master the scientific knowledge, use my wisdom to turn it into true.






  When going out to work, people are most afraid of traffic jams, especially people who are motion sickness like me. I once encountered a traffic jam for more than two hours. At that time, I thought that the future transportation must not be like this. The future transportation must be more advanced, more comfortable and faster. The car of the future is very powerful. When encountering a roadblock, it can spread its wings and fly over. In this way, there will be no traffic jams. People sitting in the car of the future can choose their favorite music and play games at will, and arrive at their destination without knowing it. The trains and cars in the future will be faster, and I will travel from Hubei to Fujian after listening to two songs.

  The road in the future is not like the present one, only black and white. People use paving materials of various colors to separate various lanes, and the roads on the ground look like beautiful ribbons from the air.







  Every day on the street, there are a lot of people and vehicles on the street. People must be careful when walking on the street. It takes a long time to cross the road and look around. When I go to the street every day, my mind is very nervous, and I pay a lot of attention to safety.

  What if we could fly like birds! In the future, we should be walking in the sky. Avoid pollution and see the beauty of the world.

  It is impossible for us to grow wings, so how can we walk leisurely in the sky? That is to build a series of continuous sky bridges in the sky.

  In the future, our house should be an overall plan, and it must be built indestructible. Then connect the roofs of each building with sky bridges. High barriers must be built on both sides. In this way, the path in the air is complete. The road in the sky can only be used for walking, so a pedestrian street in the sky is formed. We then transported the soil to the roof and built a series of gardens and orchards.

  If we go to the street, we can drive on the ground or walk on the pedestrian street in the sky. If we reach the place, we can go down through the skylight on the roof. If we are tired from study and work, we can play freely like birds on the pedestrian street in the sky, sing freely, and stay away from all pollution and all traffic hazards.

  How I hope this day in the future will come sooner.






  In the 23rd century, I visited a small island. This small island has the latest research results of scientists: the best transportation in the world!

  On this small island that covers an area of less than 100 hectares, you don’t have to worry about traffic jams, you don’t have to worry about the car breaking down halfway, and you don’t have to worry about going far away without a car, because it has advanced science and technology!

  If there is a traffic jam in the 21st century! Then your mood must be particularly bad, but what can be done? I had to follow the car ahead little by little in the car. But dont worry about it now, because there are roads in the sky and in the sea! You can fly to the sky by stomping your left foot. You can see clouds, birds...that feels better than airplanes! If you dont like the sky, stomping your right foot will return to the ground, and stomping you can go directly to the road in the sea. You can see seahorses, small fishes... If you are lucky, you can also see whales!大佬们都在玩{精选官网网址: www.vip333.Co }值得信任的品牌平台!

  If the car breaks down halfway, just say: "I need help", and someone from the car will help you repair the car, and its free大佬们都在玩{精选官网网址: www.vip333.Co }值得信任的品牌平台!! Just say "thank you" after finishing the repair!

  If you don’t have a car, but you have to go far away, don’t worry! You just have to say to Ma Lu: "I need to go to ×××" and Ma Lu will go there by himself, which is pretty fast! "Niuniu, get up"! Mothers voice echoed in my ears! Ah, it turned out to be a dream!













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